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Derwent Valley Dambusters

The attack on the dams of Western Germany, mid-1943 - is the stuff of legends. Nineteen specially adapted Lancasters of 617 squadron took off that night, a total of 133 aircrew.

Such was the precision required for the attack, using a specially designed bouncing bomb specially designed by Sir Barnes Wallace, that the squadron practised relentlessly over the Derwent valley and Eye book reservoirs in the Peak District.

Cycling to the IBCC from the dam on Derwent water will require you to cycle just over 100km and is an excellent opportunity to join up with a few friends to push yourselves physically. You can adapt the course as you wish, but you do have the chance to follow the National Cycle Network. Most of the route follows Route N° 6. Route 6 is the route that follows the Pennines up the backbone of England, so once you are through Sheffield and Worksop, you transfer to 64 heading east to Lincoln.

It enters Lincoln from the west and then circles anticlockwise to approach the IBCC from a safe direction.