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European Cemeteries where Bomber Command aircrew are buried.

Aircrew quickly became accustomed to the high casualty rates suffered by RAF Bomber Command squadrons. Squadrons would generally be given the task of sending 12–25 aircraft on a night operation; at least one of their crews would be expected never to return. Equally, however, neither was it unusual to lose multiple crews on a single night.

Many of those who died lay in rest across Europe, their graves tended by the local communities and managed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. 

On the map below, you will find a map indicating the location of each of these cemeteries. Some have just one grave, others over 500.

For those eager to do a more adventurous multi-day ride, stringing a number of these locations together en route to Lincoln would be ideal. What's more, the IBCC would be grateful to receive photographs of the places, especially the crash sites relating to each crew member.

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Bomber Command European Cemeteries 1939-1945
This map shows the location of all the cemeteries that have personnel from Bomber Command buried there. Many also contain many other war dead of different nationalities and disciplines.
To assist in your research, it is best to use the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website. This is an excellent resource with many details of every grave.