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11th - 20th March 2022
There is a proverb in English - necessity is the mother of invention. Its origin dates back to Plato's Republic. So for British Science Week, we will be looking at a few innovations from the Second World War. Some were unique to that moment in time, but some have stayed with us to this day.

Radar, the Invention That Saved Britain

Many scientists and engineers contributed to the development of radar systems, which played a vital role in the Allied victory in WWII. Radar (the acronym stands for Radio Detection And Ranging), detects distant objects such as airplanes or ships by sending pulses of radio waves and measuring the reflected signal. One of the greatest radar pioneers was Sir Robert Watson-Watt, who developed the first practical radar system that helped defend the British in WWII.

Check out the map compiled by the Ordnance Survey of all the war-time Radar Stations in the UK.

Why not use one of these stations as a starting point for your Pathfinder Ride.
The map has hyperlinks to all the sites. Put these coordinates into Komoot and create your route to the International Bomber Command Centre.