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The Birth of the Computer


11th - 20th March 2022
There is a proverb in English - necessity is the mother of invention. Its origin dates back to Plato's Republic. So for British Science Week, we will be looking at a few innovations from the Second World War. Some were unique to that moment in time, but some have stayed with us to this day.
An example of co-operation between Polish, French and British codebreakers resulted in The Bombe, a machine designed to break the ENIGMA code.

The Enigma machine was one of the first machines to use moving rotors and electric circuits to encrypt messages. In the late 1920s, more sophisticated versions of Enigma became Germany’s main military encryption device. Due to the massive number of possible encryption settings, the German military believed Enigma to be practically unbreakable. 

Why not use the achievement of ALAN TURING and his team at Bletchley Park to design your PATHFINDER RIDE. 

The two venues are very easily accessible thanks to the National Cycle Network

We've also attached a link to the National Cycle Network Site to help you plan your route.