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We understand
We understand that the Pathfinder Rides is a big ask. However, we are sure that if you are looking this closely at the site, you agree with us that the work of the International Bomber Command Centre is significant and needs to be supported.
Maybe you are not free over the weekend of 23rd and 24th July 2022; after all, it is the first weekend of the School Summer Holidays. Perhaps you live a very long way away from Lincoln, maybe even abroad, and so the logistics of what we are asking would really eat into your available free time.

A solution
So, we've got a solution. You can still play your part in discovering the stories of Bomber Command and supporting the Pathfinder Rides. It's like a remote or teleworking version of pathfinder rides support. 😀


Support from afar.

What you should do.
Step one is to find a site with significance to Bomber Command during WWII. Look in the GET INSPIRED part of this site for some more information. Find out a little bit of information about the place, which could be your start or finish point.

Then either alone or with some friends, do the ride. Take lots of photos and use the #pathfinderides hashtag to tell everyone about the history behind where you are.

At the end, perhaps instead of that second cup of coffee, donate that money to our JUST GIVING Site.


Join the Pathfinder Rides Group on Strava


Record your ride


Make a small donation
  • Include your route on Instagram
  • Use the hashtag #pathfinderrides
  • Get yourself sponsored


Above all enjoy the experience. If you want to contribute to our blog with your experience even better.

Thank you.